26 June, IMA AGM

A session with Rob Szepesi

On June 26th, during the AGM meeting, at 11.00 hrs am, we have a 30 minutes session with Rob Szepesi, founder of Let´s Work. Be Proud, part of Tacoyo Netherlands. Rob Szepesi is a Tacoyotrainer and, through the years, has trained hundreds of people in the field of Body & Mind. Besides his work as a Tacoyotrainer, Rob is a performance coach and coaches people one-on-one in mindset. During the training, he coaches the attendees via video lessons and in-person to get them a more positive outlook on life. He also teaches you to better deal with stressfactors in your life.

The objective
To make the Dutch inhabitants healthier, more self-aware and stress-free. They believe in the mix of Exercise & Relaxation in a single training to be applied within every target group at every level.

The company
Let´s Work. Be Proud is founded by our guestspeaker of today, Rob Szepesi. This is a company that develops programs for healthy company culture.

What are they Proud of?
They are very Proud that in their programmes people come first, followed by technology. And Proud that they work with exceptional partners and organisations that share the LWBP vision. 

What does LWBP entail?
Rob and his team connect employees with themselves and their organisation. Rob gets his inspiration from singers, artists, entertainers, music producers and interesting authors. Let's Work, Be Proud is part of Tacoyo Nederland BV. They have more than 30 years of experience developing programmes for Body & Mind and how to create a vital company culture. There are more than 75 trainers and coaches associated with LWBP in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Rob’s motto is Let’s Work, Be Proud, stand tall, touch the clouds, men and women, and be free, let’s work, kill poverty!

09:15 Online check-in
09:30 Opening 46th AGM (part I)
11:00 Energizer by Rob Szepesi
11:30 Continue 46th AGM (part II)
12:15 Closing

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