IMA meets Mind Academy

About NLP
More and more often, you hear stories about the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) methodology. What is NLP anyway, and why has it become so popular in recent years? Wendy van den Beld and Mar-lies Winnips have put together a 60-minute virtual programme for IMA that will introduce you to NLP and explain when NLP might be of interest to you.

In a short time, you will be taken into the world of communication, personal development and coach-ing in an inspiring way. It is an instructive programme presented by 2 certified NLP trainers. Who knows, this might taste like more, and you might want to deepen your knowledge in this field as well.

Who are the NLP trainers?
Wendy van den Beld worked as an executive at NN and became fascinated with NLP a few years ago. She now works as an independent internationally certified NLP trainer and successfully inspires and coaches teams and groups.

Marlies Winnips is co-owner of Mind Academy and has been an internationally certified NLP trainer for 14 years. She has an ICT background and has set up NLP & autism training. Marlies loves the different perspectives and possibilities that NLP has to offer.

Want to know more?
Mind Academy gives a 15-day NLP Practitioner trainings on 5 locations in the Netherlands, in Alkmaar, Abcoude, Arnhem, Rotterdam, Vught.
Each month there is an information evening at each location; at, you will find the list of dates of the upcoming information evenings.

16.45 hrs Meet & Greet
17.00 hrs Opening
17.05 hrs Presentation
17.45 hrs Q&As
18.00 hrs Closure

If you are curious about this topic, please use this [link] to register.


We look forward to your virtual arrival!