A few IMA jubilees tell us, why they are a member for so long and why we want you to join!

  • Corinne van Stipriaan, a member for 27 years!

    As a member of IMA, in September 27 years, and since nearly 2 years honorary member, it is not so difficult to say why I have chosen to be a member of EAPS, back in 1993. Back then, the name of our network. It started as an European (now Global) high end quality network. Not only the networking is worthwhile, also the friendships I developed are valuable. After all those years I feel a profound friendship with a lot of members. We talk about private and business issues. I always missed this in my work.

  • However, not only the network and friendships are of a high standard, also the lifelong learning projects we participated in! I experienced many conferences and trainings at home and abroad. These conferences and trainings taught me so much. I still benefit from it! Especially being able to say “no” at the right time, take the lead when required and dealing with different cultures. Things that are of great importance! I am proud to have chosen to be cooperating with the project team, to celebrate our 45th anniversary.

  • There is one more thing that has inextricably to do with IMA; after the conference or training day there is always a great dinner! We interact with allies of various cultures in a different way. We will be seated at the dinner table! So dear members, I can only advice you to stay at IMA, keep the positive vibes coming and subscribe to the many national and international programs IMA has to offer. I can assure you, you will love it!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  • Project Lead, Yvonne de Mul, a member for 11 years!

    As a Relatively new member of IMA Netherlands, this 45th anniversary event will be the 4th large event I will be co-organizing for IMA. It all started 5 years ago with our 40th anniversary, which was held in The Hague as a warming-up for the International IMA Conference in 2017. In between we had the rebranding of EUMA to IMA. I feel especially honored that the National Committee of IMA Netherlands asked me to be project lead for this special event. We have put together an Event Committee which will introduce themselves on this page in the coming weeks.