Training day Personal Branding with Nancy Poleon


A personal brand statement also for an assistant? Yes, of course!

Your personal brand statement was the topic of the IMA event on 4 November at the beautiful location De Ruwenberg. After a warm welcome with coffee, it was time for the workshop. Nancy Poleon, our trainer, started her company BrandedU a few years ago. She is a real power woman, specialized in personal branding for women. Her motto is ‘Rock your personal brand’. And yes, she is familiar with the life of rock ‘n roll as she has worked in the music business for many years. Many of the anecdotes she uses in her presentation originate from her experience in the music business. The workshop was not just listening to the presenter but working towards your own personal brand statement. At the beginning we were shown 10 important points we should focus on when writing your statement, the first one and probably a good start is: Know what you want to do and make your authenticity visible. The workshop was not just listening to the presenter but working towards your statement. Where do you want to be in 5 years? What are your limiting thoughts? What is a good personal brand statement? Is it your style? We were also asked to sit next to somebody we do not know very well. A great idea, different views and a good way to get to know people. At the end several persons did have their personal brand statement, but for most of us it is still a work in progress. Fortunately, we had a good lunchbreak as well as coffee breaks. A good opportunity to network with familiar faces but also with the new IMA members and guest (maybe future IMA members?). Many of the attendees used the opportunity to have a new profile photo taken by our own IMA-NL photographer, Sandra Hassing. A new statement, a new photo. All in all, it was a very interesting event with food for thought for the way home but most certainly also for the coming weeks.

Summary Training day, November 4

Summary Training day, November 4

Nancy Poleon

As a Marketing Manager I have worked years in the music business where I was responsible for smaller to largers artists. I enjoyed the work but wanted that the success of branding also became available for ambitious entrepreneurial women. With a strong network behind me in which I could include these women I started BrandedU.

The experience, knowledge and branding expertise from the music world I bring to you as management assistants, to make you shine in your career. I want to see you grow into independent women with real success. It's going to rock. I promise you. I meet you personally on 4 November !

"Nancy Poleon"

Nancy Poleon (1973) is the founder & owner of Branded Personalities a branding company she started in 2011, and BrandedU a personal branding program built to increase the visibility of women in business. Before she became an entrepreneur in 2011 she worked for several entertainment companies (1997-2011) where she was responsible for marketing new products (music and film) and guiding the careers of a diverse group of music artists.

Her methodology is called Rock-n-Roll branding,- a new, personal and creative way of branding based on her experience in the entertainment industry. Her mission is to help companies and people reach their (career) goals by being their truest self.

In 2014 she started BrandedU to advance the empowerment of women, and through her BrandedU Personal Branding program she organizes seminars, masterclasses and e-courses to help women make themselves more visible in order to benefit their career. Over the last 5 years, she has managed to increase her large network of entertainment professionals with corporate business professionals and creative (and socially engaged) entrepreneurs.

A devoted speaker on the subject of Personal Branding, she has been increasingly invited as the go to person when it comes to personal branding and female empowerment via media outlets such as FD, BNR Radio, Marketing Tribune, Communicatie Online, Adformatie and Frankwatching.


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De Ruwenberg is centrally located in Sint-Michielsgestel, just outside Den Bosch in the province of Noord-Brabant. It is only 1 hour drive from the main airport Amsterdam Schiphol, Düsseldorf and Brussels and only 30 minutes from Eindhoven Airport.
From the A2 highway it is only a 5 minute drive to arrive at the very authentic, 14 acres estate of De Ruwenberg boasting both indoor and outdoor facilities for a relaxing purpose. The main building of the estate consists of the medieval entrance, the Atrium behind it and her 4 adjacent wings.