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Ready to take a leading role in our future work?

Closely related to our theme ‘The Digital Age’ the National Committee of IMA Netherlands not only invites its members, but also you - as an office professional - for our National Training day ‘Ready to take a leading role in our future work’ on Saturday November 3rd at Park Inn by Radisson Amsterdam City West.

The 21st century is also known as the 4th revolution. We are living in a time where computers and machines taking over a lot of our work or changes the way we have worked before. Of course, this change is one of all times, but in this era, all types of jobs are impacted and all levels in society are subject to change. But how do we deal with this change? What will happen and will I need to change as well?
Also the role of management assistant is subject to change. Most of all, we are required to work digitally but at the same time the human connection is even more crucial in today’s work environment. How will our work change and how do I ensure that I am prepared for this or take a leading role in our future work?

During this full day workshop we will discuss various topics interactively. We will be inspired by some theory and examples on the future of work and based on that we will start to discuss the dilemmas of innovation, development and change. In our discussions we will address 3 topics:

~ How do I personally deal with change?
~ How does the management assistant of 2040 look like?
~ Which technologies can we use effectively for our day to day work?

At the end of the day we hope to have inspired you with food for thought about your own potential and practical tips and ideas to develop yourself and your role.


09.30 Registration
10.00 Welcome and introduction by Jannie Oosterhoff, chairman IMA Netherlands
10.10 Introduction Radisson Blue by Steinn Helgason
10.20 Feedback on World Administrator Summit by Truus van den Brink
10.30 Workshop by Saskia Nijs
11.15 Coffee & tea break

11.45 Workshop part 2
13.00 Lunch break
14.00 Workshop part 3
15.15 Coffee & tea break
15.45 Workshop part 4
17.00 Closure by Annemieke van Elst, deputy chairman IMA Netherlands
17.00 Bites & drinks
18.00 Going home inspired

About Saskia Nijs

Saskia Nijs is a part-time PhD candidate at the VU, columnist at Financieele Dagblad, employee at Philips and speaker and advisor on the 21st century organization. Besides that she is a mother of 2 daughters (twins), wife of a nerd and living in Amsterdam.

After her studies (European Studies) at the University of Amsterdam she started to work in a start-up company for internet access, websites etc. Ever since she has worked in technology companies such as telecom: PSINet, software: Microsoft, VR: Layar and now in health-tech.

During her work at Microsoft she was part of the transition to the new way of working and led a leadership program on how to manage in the 21st century. There she became passionate about the way companies are organized. If we want to support people that work with their 21st century skills (creative, solution driven, self-supporting) how come we organize ourselves still in ways that reside from the 19th century? With the technology as the crucial basis for how we work, live, communicate, learn and have fun, we can do so much more with our human skills. Organizations need to find the right balance between technology and emotions and therefore organize themselves differently.

With her expertise, Saskia researches, advises and supports CEOs, owners, managers and employees on how to innovate in the ways they organize their companies. How to adjust in this new era where technology takes over so much of our routine work but where human skills are crucial for success. She advises both large corporations but also start-ups since they also have the challenge to maintain their employees and offer them the right career- and learning perspectives. See for more inspiration her website

Venue & Participation


Price & Registration
€ 35,00 for IMA-members
€ 50,00 for NON IMA-members
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In case of non-attendance or cancellation, we are required to charge a cancellation fee of 75% of the participation fee. This because of the obligations that IMA Netherlands has towards the venue partner, which implies that IMA Netherlands is obliged to pay for the number of expected participants.


Park Inn by Radisson Amsterdam
City West

La Guardiaweg 59
1043 DE Amsterdam

A stylish and colorful hotel decorated by world renowned designer Karim Rashid. With a convenient location in Amsterdam’s up and coming district of Sloterdijk, this vibrant hotel boasts plenty of entertainment for travelers or meeting and event attendees. Inside the multi-functional complex, guests can enjoy a casino, restaurants and lively bars, all in one spot.