IMA - International Management Assistants

Your global professional network since 1974

We are a global and high quality network of management support professionals. Two of our main aims are the personal and professional development of our members and the continued evolution of the management support profession.

Our Association has been founded in 1974 as European Association for Professional Secretaries (EAPS) by Sonia Vanular. In 1999 the members decided to rename the Association to European Management Assistants (EUMA) and in 2016, to change to IMA - International Management Assistants considering the huge changes of our profession and the business world and to get prepared for the future.

Our Association distinguishes itself from others with its international dimension. Our members have access to a professional network which encompasses a vast range of business cultures, languages and lifestyles, but also provides a place where everyone is on common ground in a safe and proactive environment. We are currently represented in more than 25 countries. Our Association is a self-development organization with no political aims and no trade-union activities. English is the official language of our Association.

OUR VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT Be the leading international network of management support professionals
* by providing high quality development training
* by promoting knowledge sharing
* by encouraging interaction among the members
* by monitoring the development of our profession
* by speaking up for the profession

We take privacy and professional ethics to heart.
Please read our Privacy Policy Notice and Code of Conduct.

The power of IMA - International Management Assistants

Networking is a fantastic way to identify best practices or industry benchmarks. Learning from what others do is a valuable strategy for all businesses. Networking can help you stay on the cutting edge of technology and new business trends. These types of relationships and “inside” information can give you a benefit over your competitors by implementing new and fresh ways of finding innovative strategies and solving problems.

Professionals use networking to build relationships with others, in like or related fields. We are building relationships with people who can help expand ones’ effectiveness in an organization or industry. Professional networking is a valuable tool to enable career growth, learning, sharing of knowledge and diversity. It is not only about meeting as many people as possible. It is about knowing the right professionals, people who will connect you with the people you need to grow professionally. Making friends and letting people get to know you on a personal level is an essential aspect of networking. Through IMA - International Management Assistants - you can be part of an association of senior support management administrative professionals with over 1600 members represented in over 25 countries. Being part of our association is the possibility to have access to career opportunities.

Our profession is our passion Do you want to join an association that gives you an ultimate arena for professional networking? At IMA we are:

Building an inclusive community
Helping each other grow
Sharing and learning together
Building open and close relationships

Code of Conduct

As every organization, we have a set of principles to act in an honest and ethical way. Our members have to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

As every organization, we have a set of principles to act in an honest and ethical way. Our members have to adhere to our Code of Conduct.