We introduce to you: Wil Snoek, member of EAPS/EUMA/IMA since January 1990

Executive Assistant to member Management Board NN Group

Looking back at my IMA membership, it’s a pleasure to share my thoughts and experiences.

International networking
The first Annual Conference and AGM I attended was in Maastricht in 1990. The theme was: “Networking, communication across the border”. No better subject for a new member to start with. IMA is all about networking: participating and investing in your network, as well as gaining from it. This was the beginning of a very fruitful membership. It provided interesting contacts with colleagues from all over Europe and allowed me to take part in conferences, seminars and workshops on a wide variety of topics in the field of management support. One of the highlights was a lecture by Zelda la Grange, assistant to Nelson Mandela, who spoke about her remarkable career and her book ‘Good Morning, Mr Mandela’.

Thanks to IMA I was lucky to travel to many different countries, from Sweden to Cyprus, from Greece to Iceland and Spain. This allowed me to experience and understand cultural differences. And despite the differences in our profession from country to country, especially between the countries of Northern and Southern Europe, I could always recognize the values which identify EAPS/EUMA/IMA: professionalism, learning, networking and, last but not least, having a good time together.

Professionalism is key
EAPS stands for European Association for Professional Secretaries. Because of the ongoing fast-changing developments in the profession, we had good reasons to change the name of the association twice. However, the importance of being professional remained the same. We have to keep setting our standards high and make use of social media and new communication channels in a professional way. We must be innovative and future-oriented so that all involved may profit from it and IMA remains a successful international network.

Lifelong learning
In my very first job, working from an office every day, I took letters in shorthand in Dutch, English and German, using a typewriter and triple carbon paper for the copies. Today I find myself working fully digitally from home, without using any paper at all. The years in between, while working as an executive assistant to board members of listed companies, my IMA membership was of great help in keeping up with the latest developments.

Now that regulations resulting from the corona pandemic have forced us to work from home most of the time, the extremely fast changing digital world, social media and all kinds of new communication tools require permanent education more than ever. IMA must continue to play an important role providing this by offering high-quality training and content-driven networking events.

Over 30 years of membership
My membership has been a valuable, inspiring and pleasant learning experience. An experience that has greatly contributed to my personal and professional development, supported by the companies I have worked for.
I strongly advise the younger generation of management support professionals to do the same.

Two of my colleagues, Obzomi and Zahra, recently became IMA members and I am convinced they will enjoy and learn from their IMA membership as much as I have.