IMA meets Dr. Rob Vries, CEO Hubrecht Organoid Technology

Hubrecht Organoid Technology

IMA member and executive assistant Tiny Klunder will welcome you into her world of science at Hubrecht Organoid Technology, a modern, inspiring and innovative company. Her CEO, Dr. Rob Vries, will explain to us the story behind organoids, of course in a non-scientific language.

Organoids are human cells taken from organs, grown in the lab. These cells can be used to test medicine (drugs). These human cells provide us with better and smarter data, therefore animal testing can be skipped. The organoids were discovered by Professor Hans Clevers and his team.

We will be taking a virtual tour in their lab, looking through a microscope and drawing our own conclusions about this method.

Tuesday 1 December, 17.00 - 18.00 hrs (virtual session). This session will be held in the Dutch language.

* Meet & Greet
* Welcome
* Introduction by Tiny Klunder
* Company presentation by Dr. Rob Vries
* Live Q&A’s

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