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Tuesday 18 Jan - Tuesday 18 Jan

Global Skills Matrix

Helen Monument will tell us more about the new Global Skills Matrix

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Thursday 17 Feb - Thursday 17 Feb

International webinar - Abuse of Power – Mental Health for Executive & Personal Assistants

Instructor is Stacey Pinkerton. This webinar is important! It will help you to understand the limits of an assistance work and how to recognize potential situations that could end in an abuse of power from our boss or client. Also, to learn what you can do if you find yourself in a situation of abuse.

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Wednesday 16 Mar - Wednesday 16 Mar

Webinar with Paul Pennant

Paul Pennant the Certified Microsoft Trainer

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Saturday 26 Mar - Saturday 26 Mar

25th International Training Day 2022, INNOVATION

A day of Innovation and Creativity all in Fun and dynamic style as only our two trainers can deliver.

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Tuesday 5 Apr - Tuesday 5 Apr

International webinar - Lyyti training for IMA users

5 April, 18.00-19.30 CEST

In this session, our partner Lyyti will offer you an overview of Lyyti's main functionalities.

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Friday 8 Apr - Friday 8 Apr

IMA Netherlands 45th Jubilee Spring Party

IMA Netherlands 45th Jubilee Anniversary

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Wednesday 13 Apr - Wednesday 13 Apr

International webinar - Networking session AAP and IMA members

13 April 2022 at 18-18.45 CEST

Our Canadian friends at the Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP)  are inviting IMA members to a virtual networking session between our two organizations.


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Wednesday 11 May - Wednesday 11 May

Meet Your Peers - Landgoed Te Werve

Come and join us at this life event at a beautiful location in Rijswijk, located between The Hague and Delft.

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Tuesday 17 May - Tuesday 17 May

International webinar - The Power of Event Success Management (+ Get certified!)

17 May, 18-19.15 CEST

Our partner Lyyti will be presenting The Power of Event Success Management (+ Get certified!)

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Monday 20 Jun - Monday 20 Jun

International Webinar - Meet the EC & the Project team for the International Annual Conference!

20 June, 18.00-19.00 CEST

Meet the members of the Executive Committee (EC) and hear about the open positions in the EC (Executive PR Officer and Executive Treasurer). Get an impression of our upcoming International Annual Conference (30 Sep) and learn about the Upcoming Annual General Meeting in Helsinki  (1 Oct)  and why it is important for you as member to attend.

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Wednesday 6 Jul - Wednesday 6 Jul

Meet Your Peers - Summer BBQ

BBQ event to start an amazing summer holiday!

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Wednesday 13 Jul - Wednesday 13 Jul

Webinar - Leaders Unleashed

We are happy to share this awesome 3-part webinar series called "Leaders Unleashed" which will focus on the admin leader.

AAP's partner has opened registration up to their international partners, so IMA members get to attend!! 

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Friday 30 Sep - Friday 30 Sep

48th International Annual Conference 2022

30 September 2022, 9-17.00 EEST - Helsinki, Finland

Connecting with another person is one of the highest forms of social being for humans: we want to be in sync with other people. At the heart of it is good storytelling; it’s how we communicate and connect emotionally with others. Great storytelling transports readers and viewers to new and unexpected places where they can more easily digest unfamiliar concepts and consider different perspectives. We want to hear stories!

Sign up is now open

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Saturday 12 Nov - Saturday 12 Nov

National Training Day

IMA Netherlands National Training Day

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Friday 9 Dec - Friday 9 Dec

Christmas Dinner

IMA Netherlands Christmas Dinner

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Saturday 29 Apr

26th International Training Day 2023 - Storytelling

More to come - stay tuned. Venue is Cyprus.

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Friday 27 Oct - Friday 27 Oct

49th International Annual Conference 2023 - Company culture Ambassador

More to come - stay tuned. Venue is Cape Town, South Africa.

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Saturday 9 Mar - Saturday 9 Mar

27th International Training Day 2024 - Company culture Ambassador

More info to come - stay tuned. Venue is Rome, Italy. Dates are preliminary.

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Friday 18 Oct

50th International Annual Conference 2024 - AI/Metaverse

More to come - stay tuned. Venue is Stockholm.

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Future events 


March/April - IMA 28th International Training Day, Rotterdam, the Netherlands - theme is AI/Metaverse

September/October - IMA 51st International Annual Conference, Ghent, Belgium


March/April - IMA 29th International Training Day, Paris, France

September/October -  IMA 52nd International Annual Conference, Berlin, Germany.

Constant Training and Development is crucial for every professional career.

It is not only about expanding knowledge, it is about wanting to evolve in our rapidly changing business lives.

We offer international training to provide our members with all the modern knowledge they need to succeed in their business environments.