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  • The story of ABConsultant!

    Akshay Barendse, founder and CEO

    How it all began
    Since the outbreak of the Covid virus, many things have changed. Not only at a global level can the impact of Covid be felt also for individuals there have been many consequences. When reading the news, we are informed, almost daily, about all the negative implications, hospital staff under pressure, people getting sick (or worse), closure of shops, and as a result, employees losing income, and schools being closed.

    But did you know there is also another side of the coin? The famous quote of Winston Churchill: “Never waste a good crisis,” triggered the entrepreneurship of a group of young students. Being bored at home, with limited online education or social contacts, they decided to start to work together and start their own company. Being young and carefree, the idea to start a business came even before they were able to identify a potential market.

    It was only by coincidence that one of the students talked to a painter who was working at his parents’ house. During the coffee break, he heard the painters talk about merchandising or rather said which key chain or pencil to order with a logo to hand out so (potential) customers.

    While talking about these “gadgets,” they happened to look at the website of the painter. It so happened that they noticed that the website had not been updated for 3 years. There was limited to no content on the website, and the pictures were outdated. This “delay” in maintenance was because of a lack of skills of the painter to update his website, and the company with whom he purchased the website 3 years ago charged a huge amount for the development.

  • Daniël Pronk, Sales Manager

    The Idea
    At that very moment, the idea of starting a business met the potential market: Develop AND maintain websites for small and medium companies to always be able to show, online, the latest achievements of the company concerned. After this first step, it was not difficult to make the next move, include social media in professional communication.

    What we do
    Instead of charging a large amount to the development of the website without any follow up the business model of ABConsultant is as follows: invest a small amount for an effective website, one that will give your (potential) customers enough information about who you are, what you have to offer and at which costs. From experience, this is what people are looking for when they visit your website, so why make it all flashy and expensive with items people don’t look at? What people are looking at these days is social media, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Social medial channels feed the portal of your website.

    This is why it’s important to have a steady flow of information displayed at these channels.
      So, in addition to the small fee to build your website (including registration of the domain if need be), ABConsultant will update your social media channels once a month for a subscription fee. As a customer, the only thing you have to do is forward your content (pictures and text) to ABConsultant, and they will make sure it is shared with the world.

    We already mentioned the name ABConsultant. An ABConsultant is a consultant who offers “ABC’tjes.” ABC’jes in Dutch means common understanding. It is common to understand that communication with customers is no longer limited to websites and includes social media, so why not combine the two? This is “een ABC’tje.